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About Us

B&H Trophies is a second generation awards dealer. The business was started in 1968 by Russell Haynes, Sr. and J.D. Brinkley in a basement.  It was a side business giving the people in Alamance County a place to get awards for their different events.

Over the years, B&H Trophies has grown to a 3600 square foot store front with customers all over the United States. Russell Haynes, Jr. and Lynne Haynes now operate the business with the main focus of providing top quality awards to our customers at reasonable prices.

We have grown from just supplying trophies and plaques to a full service awards and recognition dealer offering acrylic and glass awards along with promotional items, silk screen items and athletic apparel. We also offer laser engraving and color sublimation to make sure we produce a product that will meet the customers’ demands.

Our main focus is to provide excellent service at a reasonable price to everyone!  We strive to get our products to you in quickly to meet your deadlines.  

After you check out our website, we encourage you to stop by our store front and allow us to serve all of your award needs.

Remember our #1 goal is to satisfy you...our customer.